The Smile Therapy


Also the scientists say that smiling does us good. It lengthens life, reduces stress and brings people closer. At times it can also change your life. The World Smile Day created by Harvey Ball has been celebrated every first Friday of October since 1999. He was also the creator of the “smileys” that inspired the emoticon.

Giving a smile is not always easy, but necessary. “I do not know of any other sign of superiority in man except that of being kind,” Beethoven affirmed. And according to Plato: “Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.”

Hunter Doherty Adams called “Patch” is a doctor, activist and writer who is known worldwide for his practice of and support for clown therapy. Strongly convinced that joy and creativity are integral parts of the therapeutic process especially for children, Patch and his colleagues fight against suffering and disease by wearing a red clown’s nose, now the distinctive element of a new way of practicing the medical profession. Adams dedicated his life to the study of the human being under ever aspect and in the creation of a healthcare system within everyone’s means. His philosophy of healing starts with the mind, and the action which stimulates in the patients the construction of positive thinking that can make our lives better.