10th Edition of ReGENerate not to be missed!

24 February 2017 - 26 February 2017
For 10 years now, young people involved or connected in the Focolare Movement across Great Britain, Ireland and Western Europe have been coming together, once a year, to ReGENerate.
24 February 2017to26 February 2017


ReGenerate2017aReGENerate will once again come to
Welwyn Garden City
for what Conleth Burns,
one of the young people in the Focolare states
will be a “very special weekend.”

So what is ReGENerate?

ReGEnerate is a chance to do that: Regenerate.

By sharing experiences, listening to testimonies, making new friends, singing, laughing, dancing, walking and having meaningful dialogue, every year, Regenerate does what it says on the tin, allowing all who come to the weekend to regenerate!

Each year, a theme is chosen for ReGENerate. In the last few years, we’ve had dialogue on happiness (2014) multi-culturalism (2015) and freedom (2016). This year, ReGENerate is going to open ‘windows of life’ into the experiences of the young people who have been part of this ReGENerate journey for the last 10 years. As these ‘Windows’ will open during the weekend, we will discover together that when experiences are grounded on faith and conviction, any situation can be overcome, any challenge accepted. Anna Green, who has been at many of the last 9 ReGenerates shares: “every year, when you return from Regenerate you have a new way of looking at things, a new approach to solving problems, or making an effort in difficult situations.”

Why does ReGENerate happen?

As young people involved in the Focolare, we believe in making the world more united, through concrete acts of love. The purpose of coming to this weekend is to regenerate yourself, so that you can go and regenerate the places where you work, live or study.

How can I be part of this special ReGENerate?

Take 1 minute to fill out our booking form at: tinyurl.com/regen2017

Make a plan to get to Welwyn Garden City – we have people coming from all corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – with young people also travelling from a range of places across Europe. Let us know where you are travelling from and we might be able to find a group for you to travel with, or catch a lift with.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ReGENerate 2017!

For more information – visit our ReGENerate Facebook page: facebook.com/regenerate2017