Refusing to hate


Our friends of the Ahl Al Bait Society Scotland are keen to make the special friendship we have with them more visible.  Recently we met to see how to do this and someone mentioned that Pope Francis had invited people of all world religions to pray for peace in Syria on 7th September.

Straightaway our Ahl Al Bait friends felt this was the initiative in which to give witness to our unity and we started making plans. Then, about a week later, we discovered that the invitation from Pope Francis had been for 7th September in 2013 not 2017.

On hearing this, however, the unanimous response was that it’s always good to pray and that we should go ahead all the same.

So the vigil which will be on 12 September in George Square, Glasgow is a result of a ‘mistake’ which has become a reality through mutual love, encouragement and planning with the Ahl Al Bait Society in response to Pope Francis. A confirmation of “And we know that in all things God works for the good…” (Rm 8:22).

Pray that this event will be a witness to unity and a sign of hope as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Ahl Al Bait and many people of goodwill.


Refusing to hate

Refusing to Hate:
A Peace Vigil for Hope

Tuesday 12 September

George Square, Glasgow


In light of the terrible violent events of recent months and years we invite people of all faith communities and good will to stand in solidarity in a vigil for peace and hope.

Let’s show the world that Scotland cares and that
love conquers all!

Ahl Al Bait Society Scotland & Focolare Movement Scotland