Can a cube revolutionise my day at work?

Work is a necessary and important part of our lives. The COMPANY CUBE is a practical way of remembering the values that create a work environment grounded in mutual respect, concern, and shared responsibility.

The Birth of a New Business Strategy. About twenty-six years ago, in 1991, a group of socially-minded small businesses began a worldwide network of collaboration (Businesses for a United World in The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project). They wanted to not only change their work environments, but the entire economic and business world around them.

They believed that even small changes in the way business is done can have a dramatic impact on the economy at large. And they understood that everyone can contribute to a positive work environment by actively:

  • Valuing every person and every idea
  • Building relationships every day
  • Supporting others with actions, not just words
  • Helping as soon as there is a need
  • Sharing ideas, time and ourselves with those around us
  • Seeing everyone, even those who treat us badly, as worthy of our friendship and respect

The ‘small business’ attitudes and lifestyle contained in these simple focal points of their day-to-day experiences became the basis for The Company Cube,® a practical way of remembering that these values need to be lived daily. With a renewed person-centered focus, the idea of The Company Cube changes the status quo, and offers a new way, especially within small businesses, to make a positive impact.

With many years of experience in its implementation, it can now be said that this ‘discovery’ of The Company Cube is not just for use in small businesses, but can also be universally applied to create a new culture even in large companies.

The Workplace Potential. Of course, the implementation of The Company Cube does not occur in a vacuum. We must be aware of our sociality – the interweaving of human relationships to build a workplace where each person recognizes the shared responsibility of creating a work environment grounded in mutual respect and concern.

Recognizing our ability to transform the world through business operations opens up new possibilities. These may include the creation of new jobs, particularly for those struggling with poverty and unemployment, or opportunities to generate not just financial, but social and environmental value through business activity.

In this way, work becomes a pathway to an economy where each person has dignity and society grows in collaboration and fraternity.


Value Everyone“Today I listened to my secretary describe another way to format my report, and it made all the difference. Everyone liked the new look!” (Italy)Build Relationships“The woman next to our store was sweeping her steps when I came in this morning. I told her we were lucky to be located right next to such a welcoming place.” (Argentina)
Competitors as Friends“When I found out my competitor had won a project we both had written proposals for, I called to congratulate her. She was surprised to hear from me. She shared her approach and it gave me an idea for our next project.” (United States)Support“Someone else was loading the trucks for a client delivery, and I grabbed one of the boxes on my way out.” (Portugal)
First to Help“Our company kitchen needed cleaning, so today at lunch, I washed the dishes and took out the trash. Everyone was happy when they saw the results.” (Brazil)Share Time“I listened to our IT (Information Technology) guy while he was fixing my computer, and found out his son had surgery yesterday. When he left, I told him I would keep his son in my thoughts and prayers.” (Philippines)

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