Prophetic Economy – People, the planet, the future

Seven organizations from different countries have started a “Prophetic Economy,” a project to gather and promote ideas and good economic practice that is aimed at holistic human development and sustainability.

Well aware of the environmental and social crises that our planet faces, hundreds of people around the world have been steadily moving to find creative solutions to these grave problems, putting them in motion in their everyday lives through actions large and small. However, these actions often begin, grow and die totally in isolation.

“Together we can do much more” is one of the mottos proposed by Prophetic Economy, a project that aims to create collaborative networks among all those who, in their own context, work to promote human development, independent of age, nationality or beliefs.

The main event for Prophetic Economy will land at Castel Gandolfo in Rome from November 2-4 2018. Experts from many fields will be involved, such as Jeffrey Sachs, North American economist and one of the world’s top minds when it comes to economic and sustainability questions; or Luigino Bruni, Italian economist and international coordinator of the Economy of Communion.

“The experience is open to all people, organizations and businesses,” says Florencia Locascio, Prophetic Economy’s general coordinator. “All those who propose sustainable and creative solutions to the problem of poverty, inequality and the social and environmental crises that we are living through. We want to identify the changemakers, the innovators, and give them more visibility.

During the event, in addition to workshops, collective activities, networking and panels with renowned international experts, the first-ever Prophetic Practices Award 2018 will be awarded. The competition awards, spotlights and connects existing experiences of a prophetic economy, the many best practices that are already up and running that contribute to the common good.

“Teens and the new generations have something important to say, and they already contribute enthusiastically, offering practical examples that are exciting,” explains Paolo Matterazzo, who directs communications for the Community of Nomadelfia.

The first three to win the competition will receive a monetary prize and be invited to present their projects during the November event. The top ten will also have the chance to present their best practices. Deadline for the competition is August 1 2018.
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Source: United World Project