Focolare expresses its support for Pope Francis

In a letter addressed to the Holy Father, the Focolare president expresses her closeness to Pope Francis “in the face of the traps aimed at discrediting him and his work for renewal.”

“Depend on our complete unity and fervent prayers, Holy Father, even in the face of the traps that are being set to descredit you and your work of renewal.”

Maria Voce wrote these words in a letter that was sent to Pope Francis on August 30th in which she expressed prayer and support, following the heavy attacks that have recently been landed against him.

The Focolare president expressed gratitude to the Holy Father for the recent World Meeting of Families in Ireland which, among other things, highlighted the rapport that was established between the Pope and those who attended. On behalf of the whole Focolare Movement Maria Voce acknowledged the Pope’s heartfelt and repeated request for forgiveness from the families of the victims, and also the way his message of love was embraced.

She writes: “In every wound of the Church and of humankind we recognize Jesus crucified and forsaken and, together with you, we look to Mary in order to live with courage, according to her example, as authentic disciples.”

Finally, Maria Voce thanked the pope for his recent Letter to the People of God which, in addition to expressing the solicitude and love of the Holy Father for humanity, indicates “how to share in the ‘cry’ that rises to Heaven from those who suffered and still suffer, as well as how to work so that such evils are not perpetuated. Let us embrace both his words and his concern.”