Messages from Maria Voce to Benedict XVI and to Pope Francis

March 19, 2013

On the feast of St. Joseph, the president of the Focolare Movement Maria Voce has written a message to Benedict XVI expressing on behalf of the whole movement “the most profound gratitude, love, and sincerest wishes”. With the coming of Easter she assured him a particular closeness “in the meditation and treasure of the great mystery of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus”. “May He, the crucified and risen Lord, – continues Maria Voce – fill you with His joy and His peace, while you continue to serve the whole Church with your prayer and your studies”.

Through the intercession ofSt. Joseph, Maria Voce prays for all that his heart wishes for and in particular for this new page of history that has opened up in the Church with the pontificate of Pope Francis.”

Maria Voce has also expressed her most fervent wishes toward the new Pope, on the day after his election as Pope, “ in order to steer the ship of Peter and take it to wider territories.” In her message, Maria Voce, on behalf of the whole movement, assures Pope Francis of continuous prayer and a total faith in carrying out the mission of announcng the good News to mankind, living fully the specific charism of Chiara Lubich:” that all may be one”. And she continues: “ We trust that the profound communion with you and between  all the faithful would illuminate in the Church, the Crucified and Risen Christ and He would render the yoke sweet and the burden light, filling you with abundant grace: light, wisdom, courage, universl love, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, for the good of Christianity and of all mankind.”

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A father and a brother who loves us

March 13, 2013

Maria Voce expresses her joy at the election of Pope Francis.

“I am truly happy in this moment, which shows us the vitality of the church and freshness of the Holy Spirit who always finds ways to surprise us”.

Maria Voce responded to the news of the election of Pope Francis with these words. This election was awaited by all the Focolare Movement throughout the world.

“There is surprise and joy in thinking that even this is a sign of novelty in the Church today, a Church that I think is living a special moment with the abdication of Benedict XI, followed by the election of this new Pope who has evoked extraordinary responses all over the world.”

During these days, the movement is living the fifth anniversary of the departure of its founder Chiara Lubich. When the white smoke billowed up, the international centre of the Focolare Movement was celebrating Holy Mass in memory of Chiara at the Sanctuary of Divine Love at the gates ofRome.

The choice of the name Francis is very significant, because it seems to me to be an expression of the desire to return to the radicality of the Gospel, to a sober life,  to a great attention towards humanity and to all religions, “ said Maria Voce. “In addition I think it is particularly worthy of note that a Jesuit chooses the name of Francesco. I think that this signifies an openness to all charisms, recognizing all that is good in each one, and giving it value.

“I have been particularly struck by his simple style of familiarity when he appeared for the first time in the balcony.   He appeared to me to be capable of touching the all the hearts of men and women and children present.”

Maria Voce concludes: “I think that in this moment where one meets grave sufferings effecting humanity, we need a person capable of touching hearts and of making everyone feel happy to have a father and a brother  who love us”.

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5th anniversary of the departure of Chiara Lubich

14 March 2008 – 14 March 2012

The Movement is living together with all the Church this particularly historic moment of the selection of the new pontiff, and it is within this period that the anniversary of the demise of Chiara Lubich happens to fall. Five years after her death, she is being remembered in many parts of the world through different initiatives, which highlight one aspect or another of her witness and her charism. Some of these events will treat in depth the cultural dimension of the charism of unity with conferences, round table meetings, concerts etc.

Organised by the Centre for Studies “Scuola Abba” of the Focolare Movement, the Congress “Chiara Lubich. Charism, History, Culture” at the Sapienza University of Rome (14-15 March).

Press release

World events

Rome: Subway station dedicated to Chiara Lubich


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