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Chiara came again in 1968 to the United States for a brief private visit to New York and Chicago. It was the only time she ever traveled to the “windy city.” In the few but precious hours spent there, Chiara spoke about many things: impressions of the trip, her joy at how much things have grown, and new plans for the American regions.

Many people who are part of the Focolare Movement all over America met the spirituality of unity through a Scalabrinian priest Fr Joe Scopa. In the mid 1950’s Fr Joe participated in one of the Mariapolis’ in Trent. Afterwards he began giving classes on living the gospel to members of his parish in the Chicago area.  It was there that he was able to share his experience of the charism of unity.  Many people then wanted to get in touch with the focolare that had arrived in Chicago in December 1964.

From that first seed, the Ideal spread in the Midwest. Now it is in many other states: Minnesota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, South Dakota, Illinois, Tennessee, Iowa, and Indiana.


New Families Camping Trip – Warrenville, IL

New Families Camping Trip – Warrenville, IL

August 14, 2015 – August 15, 2015
Come to our New Families Camping Trip!

We hope to come together for this simple, shared vacation, but a vacation with “something more”. We hope it will be an opportunity to rest together, have some fun together, and, most importantly, an opportunity to build a sense of family together.


Hiking and Bike Trails
Rental Rowboats, Canoes, and Kayaks
Archery Range
Swimming […]


Midwest Mariapolis 2015

July 9, 2015 – July 13, 2015
We hope to see you at this year’s Midwest Mariapolis!  Focolare Movement’s annual gathering offers youth and adults an experience of how life is transformed when love and unity are at its core. Here are some of the upcoming Mariapolises.

This year’s theme: The Eucharist in a Communitarian Spirituality

For more information see the online registration […]