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It is thanks to Sr. Mary Claude Gadd of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that the seed of the Ideal was brought to the Southwest in 1972. She met the Focolare in Rome and flying home, she stopped in New York to find the focolarine.

Sr. Mary Claude said: “I asked Sharry* to come to Texas.  She told me yes, that if there were just one person she would come, “Just for you,” she said.  “I felt so loved by that.”

Thus began Sharry’s many trips through Texas as she crisscrossed this immense state.

In 1977 the first Center was opened in San Antonio. Communities then developed in Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and Austin, with its Mariapolis Center situated in Dallas.

* Sharry Silvi, a focolarina from Italy who lived in the Focolare Center in New York.

Mariapolis Luminosa, Midwest, Westcoast

Joelma and the Wall of Tiles

Joelma and the Wall of Tiles

An exhibition held in support of victims in war-torn countries. It consists of a wall composed of handmade tiles which can be lifted off and taken home. Joelma Regis, the project creator, explains: “We are all connected and together we can help tear down the walls of indifference in our everyday lives.”


Team building day – Houston, TX

November 22, 2015 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
On Sunday, November 22nd, we will host a fun, day-long event with many different games and activities to get to know each other better and strengthen the unity among us so that we can work together for peace.— There are also going to be moments of reflection that will recharge our batteries to help us to go […]