Lum award 2012 5The Focolare Movement, present everywhere in the world, is like a vast and varied family. It began in 1943 during the Second World War as a current of spiritual and social renewal.

‘A people born from the Gospel,’ is how it was defined by its founder Chiara Lubich (1920-2008), a charismatic and significant woman of the 20th century.

Its purpose: to work cooperatively to build a more united world, following the inspiration of Jesus’ prayer to the Father ‘May they all be one’ (Jn 17:21), respecting and valuing diversity. It focuses on dialogue as a method, has a constant commitment to building bridges and relationships of fraternity among individuals, peoples and cultural worlds.

Persons of every age, vocation, religion, conviction and culture belong to the Focolare.

Daily Life


You Must Have Loved Very Much

Celebrating the life of Maria “Ile” Pereira, regional director of the Focolare in Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic
By T. M. Hartmann
Ajoyful, balanced, reflective, tenacious and prudent spirit, Maria “Ile” Pereira, Focolare regional director, died July 5 in Los Angeles. In a climate of profound peace, her tranquil passage was accompanied by Eletta Fornaro, Sharry […]


Rosalyn, a life of courage

A tribute to Rosalyn Richardson Coleman, a pioneer of the Focolare Movement in the United States.
By Sharry Silvi
I was about to fly back from Rome to New York when I heard that Rosalyn Richardson’s conditions had worsened and that she was in the hospital. It looked like her departure for the next life was imminent. […]


United World: Let’s Show It!

This year’s Genfest, which will take place in Manila, Philippines, brings to mind its eighth edition held in 1995. Michelle Sopala, from USA, was among 12 thousand young people gathered at the Palaeur in Rome.

Michelle Sopala
When I think back on the Genfest 1995, I can’t only think of the event, itself, although who could forget […]