Summer Mariapolis
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A “little city” where the only law is love.

Many summer Mariapolises are held in a variety of settings, with different programs, yet each of these temporary “Cities of Mary” (hence the name Mariapolis) is a portion of society renewed by evangelical love. Cultural, racial, religious and generational differences disappear in this mosaic of humanity made one family by a common desire to live out the Golden Rule “Do to others as you  would want done to you”.

Mariapolis is an occasion to gather with many and, in a dialogue of true openness, learn to be a gift for one another.

Mariapolises are held yearly in New York, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Texas and California.


“We take home the courage and tools to live and communicate the language of love to everyone we meet.”

“The Mariapolis is ‘total immersion’ in learning the language of love for others!”

“I no longer feel alone – I am united with brothers and sisters all over the world who share my dream of universal brotherhood.”

“The experiences of young adults and married couples gave me the push to believe in God’s masterplan for me and my family.”

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Information and registration for summer Mariapolises

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Mariapolis gatherings in the world: signs of a society renewed by love
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Mariapolis Ecuador 2
Mariapolis gatherings encourage us to keep on believing in a more united world, transformed by love. Many cities were united with one another by a network of Mariapolises that were held around the world this year, from Sicily, in Italy to Bolivia, from Macedonia to the United States.
A Mariapolis Experience
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
A young person's experience of the "Mariapolis" summer gatherings.