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Fruitful dialogues have developed among individuals, groups, movements and associations over the years, contributing to unity in the Catholic world.

Dialogue among Christians of different churches strengthens the already existing unity, encouraging the common effort to reach full communion.

The dialogue with faithful of other religions fosters peace and universal brotherhood.

Finally, the dialogue with all people of good will in our present-day society including its cultural dimension, leads to collaboration for common values such as freedom, social justice and international harmony.

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The Joy of Discovering we are Brothers and Sisters
January 16, 2014
During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we present a March 1976 interview with Chiara Lubich, by Citta Nuova. Her optimism stemmed from the same love for Christ that this year’s theme invites us to.
Everyday life stories in Denver, Colorado
May 24, 2013
Miguel & Raya Novak transferred from Argentina to Colorado. Here they recount their experience as a contribution to the new evangelization. They didn’t know anybody, not one single person in the area; they arrived in the middle of a “snowy” winter, when people – understandably so – tend to “socialize” less.
Expo 2013
April 9, 2013
expo 2013
A multidisciplinary conference, unique forum and invaluable laboratory for learning how the art of positive change can be applied in settings such as schools, neighborhoods, private businesses and professional practices.