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In the forty years since it was born in 1967, New Families has concentrated its activity on a new emphasis in family life and a new culture of the family, based on four principles: education, formation, sociality, and solidarity.

A commitment by its members to live the Focolare spirituality of unity in a radical way is the basis of this life. It is a “vocation” that lived in a family is also formation. The deep unity that parents build day after day is a powerful example for children, and provides a framework where the generation gap is not a clash of opposites, but a positive exchange of gifts.

George and Idalma Woods, Los Angeles, CA

Their style of life is rooted in the Gospel lived out in all aspects of family life and commitment on a local level: the relationship within the couple, upbringing of children, building a constructive rapport with other families and involvement with cultural, ecclesial and civil realities.

One of the important developments of the New Families Movement has been the Familyfests which are large scale international meetings held periodically in Rome to which tens of thousands of families come and share their experiences of the projects they are involved in.

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Everyday life stories in Denver, Colorado
May 24, 2013
Miguel & Raya Novak transferred from Argentina to Colorado. Here they recount their experience as a contribution to the new evangelization. They didn’t know anybody, not one single person in the area; they arrived in the middle of a “snowy” winter, when people – understandably so – tend to “socialize” less.
Family and Society: a time for work and a time for celebration
June 4, 2012
Fam 2
One highlighted event of the 7th World Meeting of Families was the "Festival of Testimonies" involving an open dialogue between Benedict XVI and families from around the world.