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NetOne – Media and a United World

NetOne is a worldwide resource network bringing together ideas, projects, academic studies and experiences of thousands of media professionals and students who see media and communications from the perspective of a united world.

NetOne began in 2000 from the International Convention entitled “Communication and Unity”, with the participation of more than 650 media operators, students, academics and professionals.

In the NetOne network we strive not only to communicate but also to “give of ourselves”through enhancing interpersonal communication and not just virtual relationships. In these times, in which communication is increasingly omnipresent, “creating networks” recalls an idea present already 50 years ago in the Focolare Movement, of which NetOne is an expression.

NetOne focuses on the great potential that all forms of media have for dialogue and exchange between individuals and peoples.


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New City Phillipines and Living City Recognized for Innovative Journalism
October 17, 2013
In recent months two magazines born from the spirituality of the Focolare Movement receive important recognitions: the Philippine magazine, regarding interreligious dialogue, and the North American magazine for its informative coverage on vocations.
Expo 2013
April 9, 2013
expo 2013
A multidisciplinary conference, unique forum and invaluable laboratory for learning how the art of positive change can be applied in settings such as schools, neighborhoods, private businesses and professional practices.