Economy of Communion
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The Economy of Communion (EoC), founded by Chiara Lubich in May 1991 in San Paolo Brazil, draws entrepreneurs, workers, directors, consumers, savers, citizens, scholars, economists, all committed, at various levels, in promoting a practice and an economic culture imprinted on communion, gratuity and reciprocity. Through their own example, they propose an alternative lifestyle to the dominant one within our capitalistic system.

In Concrete Terms, the EoC Invites us to:

  • Live and spread a new civil and economic culture, from the youngest to the oldest among us, which Chiara Lubich called “The Culture of Giving”;
  • To form new entrepreneurs and renew present ones who willingly share their profit to sustain the goals of the EoC: reduction of exclusion and its subsequent poverty, diffusion of the culture of giving and of communion, development of businesses and creation of new jobs; business people who can conceive and live their activity as a vocation and service for the common good, aiming at the excluded in every part of the world and every social context;
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Economy of Communion in Mexico
September 17, 2013
For the second consecutive year the Focolare Movement launches its new economic proposal. In front of a market based on having, the EoC proposes a culture of giving.
The Company Cube expands
September 12, 2013
company cube - people
The Company Cube Network keeps over 100 active participants on the webpage in more than 27 countries, and over 300 followers on Facebook, and growing daily! How can we reach even more people? An important announcement in 3 days on something amazing that is sure to boost usage throughout the world! Stay tuned, and keep rolling and sharing!
Expo 2013 – Building a Renewed Humanity
May 17, 2013
expo 7
Nearly 500 people attended Expo 2013 held at the Sheraton Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The event touched areas such as business & economy, civic engagement, education, faith communities, health & recreation, law & ethics, media & communication and the arts.