Law and Ethics
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Experts in the fields of law and economics find in Chiara Lubich’s charism elements to inspire new ideas and perspectives for the vision of a ‘culture of unity’.

Brought together by the desire to look at law as a necessary and useful tool to help transforming any group with genuine communion among its members, academics and professionals in the field of jurisprudence form an international network: Communion and Law.

It came into existence in 2001 following Chiara Lubich’s intuition of fostering a ‘culture of unity’ across the most varied branches of knowledge. The title Communion and Law emphasizes the commitment to share knowledge and experience from various professional activities in the realm of jurisprudence.

It strives to spread positive values and to focus cultural attention upon the human person recognized as having the fullest dignity, seen in the context of human relational capacity, of openness to the transcendent, and of the ability to forge a world today in harmony with the best aspirations of individuals and peoples.

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