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The spirituality expressed by Chiara Lubich soon became defined as a ‘collective’ or better still, a ‘communitarian’ spirituality, always in view of ‘That all may be one’ (‘ut omnes unum sint’) (Jn 17:21). This spirituality unfolds into 12 cardinal points, leading from one to the other: (follow the links to the international website for explanation and brief related stories)

  1. God is Love
  2. The Will of God
  3. The Word
  4. Our Neighbor
  5. Mutual Love
  6. Jesus in the Eucharist
  7. Unity
  8. Jesus Forsaken
  9. Mary
  10. The Church
  11. The Holy Spirit
  12. Jesus in the Midst
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Spirituality of Communion at DePaul University in Chicago
April 12, 2011
depaul university
Chiara Lubich’s spirituality and her Trinitarian theology were discussed by Maria Voce and other scholars gathered for World Catholicism Week, held at DePaul University.