Cardinal Dolan visits Mariapolis Luminosa

On August 16, 2012, Cardinal Dolan visited the little city of the Focolare Movement Maraipolis Lunimosa for the first time.

During his visit, the Cardinal Commented:

“I admire those of you who made the insightful observations that peace, unity and love is tangible because you can sense it here: there is joy, peace, unity and love, and that is what is all about. I appreciated this morning the beautiful observation that what Chiara wanted to do was, she said, that love, unity and peace is not just a dream, but these centers are exhibits, they are proofs, validations that with the grace and help of God, they can happen. So I simply thank Almighty God and Chiara and all of you for making these “centers of light” that can be a good example for the rest of us. We need it so much, don’t we? The world is so full with much hate, in such divisions, in such violence… We just need some beautifully tender, effective voices to call us to what’s most noble in the human heart… Even within our Church, we find it, even if you look at the blogs, etc. Thanks be to God for the charism of Chiara Lubich and thanks to all of you for continuing it. We need it more than ever.”

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