The Company Cube

The Company Cube TM is a new cooperative strategy for small business success. Its objective is to transform work environments and bring about social change through daily, person-centered decision-making and action.

How does it work? Pick up The Company CubeTM and roll it, read it, live it, share it, and experience it!

The Birth of a New Business Strategy. About twenty years ago, in 1991, a group of socially-minded small businesses began a worldwide network of collaboration (Businesses for a United World in The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project). They wanted to not only change their work environments, but the entire economic and business world around them.

They believed that even small changes in the way business is done can have a dramatic impact on the economy at large. And they understood that everyone can contribute to a positive work environment by actively:

  • Valuing every person and every idea
  • Building relationships every day
  • Supporting others with actions, not just words
  • Helping as soon as there is a need
  • Sharing ideas, time and ourselves with those around us
  • Seeing everyone, even those who treat us badly, as worthy of our friendship and respect

The ‘small business’ attitudes and lifestyle contained in these simple focal points of their day-to-day experiences became the basis for The Company Cube,TM a practical way of remembering that these values need to be lived daily. With a renewed focus that is person-centered, the idea of The Company CubeTM changes the status quo, and offers a new way, especially within small businesses, to make a positive impact.

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