World Youth Day – Rio, 2013

Simple but engaging words, like so many other words spoken during the week in Rio de Janeiro. Now the young people return to their own cities and countries, families, groups, associations and congregations, invited by the Pope to “make some noise,” to stir up the waters, to take into account both their peers and elders, to live out the faith in its entirety.

Over 3.5 million gathered to take part in the events of World Youth Day in Rio, Brazil.

It was Pope Francis’ first apostolic journey where he met with the young people in Copacabana for the Via Crucis, and in Campus Fidei for the Vigil and for Mass at the conclusion of WYD.

Among other stops were a slum area in Rio de  Janiero,  a Rio prison, and the  opening of  a new complex   for  drug addicts at St Francis of Assisi Hospital, one of the social legacies of World Youth Day.

The Pope cannot miss a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, where in 2007 the Fifth General Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Bishops (CELAM) took place.  Pope Francis gave, as a gift, the important and significant Document of Aparecida, issued by this General Conference to Heads of Latin American States who have visited him in recent weeks.

The following links will give a glimpse of the events and news of what happened.

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