The Company Cube expands

The Company Cube Network keeps over 100 active participants on the webpage in more than 27 countries, and over 300 followers on Facebook, and growing daily! How can we reach even more people? An important announcement in 3 days on something amazing that is sure to boost usage throughout the world! Stay tuned, and keep rolling and sharing!

The Company Cube now comes in 5 different styles.

You can go to the website, choose a style and roll it. Then live the accompanying description! Such as:



Nothing speaks louder than someone lending a helping hand at a critical moment.

Stopping to carry something, opening a door, commenting on an email, suggesting a new strategy, or staying after to cleanup our work area – all these are the ‘little things’ that bring about work place harmony and efficiency. Every job is everybody’s job! Don’t just ‘think’ about being helpful, make the move, and see the wonderful things that can happen!

An example from Brazil: “Our company kitchen needed cleaning, so today at lunch, I washed the dishes and took out the trash. Everyone was happy when they saw the results.”

The page is now in English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish!