Club You: Your Opportunity to Unite

A new club at Dallas' Eastfield Community College - The Expo experience continues... "Seven students, the Associate Dean of College of Readiness and Mathematics and I attended Expo 2013 in Chicago last April."

It was a fantastic experience. The students started to live according to the Art of Loving, putting into practice the Golden Rule right away, first among themselves and then with everyone else.

When we returned to Texas, we asked ourselves: “What’s next?” “What do we do to bring what we learned at Expo to Eastfield College?”

We came home wanting to do something in line with, as the students called it “the Expo spirit,” but didn’t know exactly what.

The idea of creating a group that focuses on positive social change, animated by the principles of the Art of Loving, emerged almost immediately. After discussing it, we decided to create a student organization called “Club You: Your Opportunity to Unite.” The name came from a student who at a certain point, simply said: “it’s not anymore about me, but it’s about my neighbor, it’s about you!”

The organization would help and serve students on campus that are in need. The idea is to start a peer-to-peer or student-to-student advising service where we help other students choose their majors, select a four-year university to transfer to, or simply research the field of study that interests them. We also plan on helping student associations on campus that are struggling or need support. There were many ideas. But most if all, we want to be the spark of social change that was ignited at Expo, understanding that true change only happens through loving.

~ Jonathan Michelon – Dallas, TX

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