Teens4Unity- Let’s Color our City – Oceanside, CA

"Coloring" the gray areas of our cities with love. Feeding the homeless at the Bread of LIfe Mission.

Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Teens 4 Unity of Los Angeles headed south to Oceanside, CA, in San Diego county, for a very special day. The objective was to “Color Our City” [1]by cooking and serving food to homeless and low income families. There were 11 of us plus some adults.

We began by marinating 64 lbs of chicken and while it was steeping, we were joined by Ester, a social worker, who talked to us about how mass media can have a positive influence in the world, but also promote unhealthy ideas. We learned to look at things differently and that everyone is important in society. “The talk was intriguing,” explained Alwin, a teen from Culver City. From now on we can look at the world from the point of view of unity.

We then continued cooking, some grilled the chicken and some cooked the vegetables. After we finished cooking and preparing the food, we headed for the Bread of Life Mission, a soup kitchen. We read the Word of Life (a passage of Scripture which we try to put into practice every month), said grace together, and then served the food to our new neighbors.

As we were going around serving pasta salad, green beans, soup, and chicken, many commented on how we did a great job coming down to help and share the Word of Life. We also joined them for dinner after we finished serving the food. People enjoyed the meal and were very grateful for the effort that we put in because they said that they usually don’t have home cooked meals.  For sure all of us were very happy that we had loved our neighbors.

The next morning we headed to a historic ranch. There we saw peacocks, played sports and listened to a presentation on the negative effects drugs can cause. Our Teens 4 Unity event concluded after we ate lunch together, then it was time to drive back to LA.

Teens4Unity Los Angeles

[1] “Color Our City” is a world-wide project of the Teens 4 Unity which aims at “coloring” every gray area of our cities with love. For additional information, please visit: www.teens4unity.net