“Everyday must be a Resurrection for Us”

This year the Easter celebration takes place on the same date for Christians of the Oriental, Orthodox and Western Churches: "Christ is risen!". Our best wishes to all with a thought of Chiara Lubich of 1975.

«… Easter is drawing closer and it seems that it was just Christmas. I have the impression that time is passing quickly and I feel in the depth of my heart – I confide this to you – that I have resigned to let it pass quickly as long as it is all love. That is, as long as at the eve of each day I can say: “Also today I have loved.”

… On this Easter that reminds us of how Jesus, after dying, was resurrected, and how we too will one day rise up with our bodies, I would like that all of you would live so that each evening you can say: Also today I have loved.

… We do not know how long we have left to live, but how bitter it would be to draw closer to death with only a few days lived in love. What regret! We would say: “I could have loved and I didn’t do it.”

So there is Easter to remind us that every day must be a resurrection for us: always up, always ready to love whoever we meet without looking whether we like them or not. Love, love, love. Never getting tired of loving. Never stopping our revolution.

This will give us great joy and will make us savour the Easter Celebration because it is the Celebration of the Alleluia.

Just as the first apostles and Christians went out to everyone to tell them that Christ was risen (and so that we will also rise), so too those who know us should be able to say that we have spiritually resurrected from a life without meaning to a life full of light and fire.»