A cry from Gaza: “Pray for us”

In spite of efforts and international proposals for reaching a truce, the war carries on. We share what has been reported to us by Focolare delegates in the Holy Land.

Jerusalem, July 30, 2014. “The situation in Gaza is dramatically deteriorating. Following the total destruction of the electrical plant, which was only partially operating, the people are now completely without electricity.
Yesterday, G., a Christian woman, informed us that water has also become scarce. Two hours ago she telephoned saying that shortly there would be no telephone line, but she wanted to inform us that everyone was still alive. Three families are staying with her, because their homes have been completely or partially destroyed. They say that the love among them strongly unites them, and they wish to stay together even if it means dying together.

The home of H., which was already seriously damaged a week earlier, was completely blown up last night by four missiles. In their last telephone call they begged: “Pray for us not a little, but a lot!”
The apartment of  N., was bombed five days ago. They are now living on the stairs, which is the most protected place they can find. They tried but were unable to restore the generator so that they could have a few hours of electricity. Nadia says it’s like living in an ongoing earthquake, and she is suffering very much. But when she telephoned she was very grateful because, at 15:00 a four-hour ceasefire was declared.

Within Gaza there are some 50 people who live the spirituality of unity. They count on the prayers of the worldwide Focolare family.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem we have visited the fifteen wounded who were taken from Gaza and placed in a hospital in the city. Among them was a small child of four years, who lost her family. There was also five-year-old Yazan, thirteen-year-old Abdul Karim and twenty-year-old Musleh. One of them lost a kidney, another lost an arm and a leg. . . We wanted to kneel down in front of each one of them and ask for forgiveness.

We continue praying that the hatred, mistrust and fear may melt and that peace return.”

Corres Kwak and Claudio Maina – Focolare Movement in the Holy Land