General Assembly Elects Maria Voce President of the Focolare

Maria Emmaus Voce is elected for the second consecutive term as president of the Focolare Movement. Five hundred representatives from around the world took part in the election that was held last week at the Focolare's General Assembly.

“I accept.” These were the words the Assembly was waiting to hear from Maria Voce after she had been elected president of the Focolare Movement for the next six years.

The Holy See immediately confirmed her election, as prescribed by the Statutes of the Work of Mary. Cardinal Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, wrote: “At the beginning of this second term we invoke the special assistance of the Holy Spirit for Maria Voce, and we entrust her service to the maternal intercession of Mary Most Holy whose Holy Name we celebrate today.

“In declaring her acceptance, Maria Voce noted the happy coincidence of today being the feast day of the Holy Name of Mary: “Mary had to put her seal on this. I trust she’ll continue to do it.” She went on to say: “The Work of Mary around the world is growing in prayer and in love, and this is already a great fruit of the work we are doing together. Thank you, everyone!”