Run4Unity2016 Columbus, Ohio

Finally the Run4Unity2016 baton arrived in Ohio! :) On Saturday, May 14, Run4Unity2016 took place in Columbus. It was a super day full of joy, unity and friendship!

There was a program centered around living the Golden Rule and highlighting the importance of being champions of unity. Along with the meaningful program, the participants spent much time having fun and playing games.


There were about fifty five people between adults and children, from which at least fifteen were in contact with the focolare for the first time. Those who attended for the first time came mainly from the neighborhood around the event venue: the Hilltop neighborhood. This area of Columbus is very disadvantaged and unfortunately suffers from much street violence.


All participants experienced something very meaningful that will remain in each one’s heart. Many small miracles came about during the day. Barriers were broken down, and trust was built. The participants created meaningful relationships and everyone learned so many things! Many of the gen expressed the desire to visit again the Hilltop neighborhood and their new friends.


To the question “What was the most important thing that you learned today?” the participants answered:

     – Winning or losing, love the person who is next door.

     – To be successful you have to work with others.

     – I learned how to do to others what I want done to me.

     – Even though sometimes it seems that we are very different at the start, we have many things in

       common that we do not even know. We can be united if we love each other.

     – I learned that even if you are tired and do not want to do something,

       I can still do it out of love because of the golden rule.