Focolare and Muslim Encounter – Indiana

Sunday, June 5, 2016, the Indianapolis Muslim community of followers of Imam W.D. Mohammed and the local Focolare community in Indianapolis held a Picnic for Unity.



After years of coming together for social gatherings and interfaith programs, it would be fair to say that these two communities have become family. So often the two communities find themselves planning, working, sharing, and playing together.

On this particular June Sunday, people of all ages from 6 months to 77+ years old came together to participate in games which built friendship and unity. The day opened with a beautiful song/skit/prayer put together by all of the children.  Throughout the day younger generations from both communities played a welcome role in leading the games and children’s activities.
Stories were shared tracing the long shared history of these two communities. That history is of one of coming together from the first visits of Chiara Lubich and Imam W.D. Mohammed, even before their historic meeting at Harlem’s Malcolm Shabbaz Mosque in 1997, until the present.
Experiences of living unity in the family from both faith traditions, as well as experiences of living mercy from both traditions, were shared.
As a natural outpouring of the family atmosphere between the two communities, there was a spontaneous and generous communion of goods during the Sunday gathering. In particular, funds were given by many towards the ongoing ministry at the Women’s Prison carried out by members of Indianapolis community. The day concluded with singing. There was a great joy in learning a song written by Michael Saahir. All sang with resounding participation!!

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