Orlando: we can still hope


Houston_vigil_on_12_June_2016_for_Orlando_shooting_(1465788465030)A message from Atlanta, GA on the Orlando shooting:

“34 years ago, a new road opened up in front of me. That of living for a more just world, more united. I began to try to build it every day, at home, at school, with friends. I soon understood it is not an easy choice. Sometimes I run against my human fragility, my own limitations that don’t allow me to see clearly.  And I wonder if I who have given everything to God and at the same time received so much from Him, cannot seem to be able to do it what about the others who have not found His love, the caress of God in their lives?

I thought all of it this morning when I realized what happened in the nightclub in Orlando.  Thousand miles from my home to people who live differently than me, who have made different choices and at the same time my brothers, my sisters. I do not only suffer for what happened to them but also to the thousands of people who are exploited, refugees, marginalized, misplaced, lonely…

Why is it that I have the fortune to live in peace and others don’t? How is it that I can discover in all of this the face of a God who cries out abandoned?  How is it that I can unite my pain to His?

Maybe the reason is that I am given today another chance to continue to build together with others a better future, drop by drop, in each present moment, regardless of my fragility, my own mistakes … Yes, I give myself back to God again. In front of the terrorism and hatred, I try to answer with my life”

CF, Atlanta

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