World Social Forum

August 11-12, 2016, the North American Economy of Communion Association presented the Economy of Communion at the Montreal World Social Forum. Three bilingual (English and French) workshops were presented: one on The Work Environment and Company Values™ (Environnement de travail et valeurs™entreprise), and two on The Economy of Communion: Hope in Action (Économie de Communion: l'Espoir en Action).


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The workshop introductions were presented by John Mundell from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, the owner of Mundell & Associates, and Michel Rondeau from Montreal, Quebec, owner of Services Conseils Michel Rondeau Inc.

During the sessions approximately 70 participants from Canada, USA, Asia, and Africa listened attentively to the experiences shared by a number of workers and entrepreneurs.
World Social Forum1In particular, Anne Godbout, Gilles Aubin, and Andre’ Roberge brought to life their experiences of living the ideals of the EoC with co-workers, clients, and even competitors.  The Company Cube was proposed as an effective way of changing the culture of an enterprise using small but significant actions. The local Montreal and Quebec community provided excellent support for translations and logistics during the two days.

John Mundell shared his experience of those days,  “For me it was a great joy to see that the values we are promoting in the Economy of Communion are shared by many people around the world and that the efforts we are making in the world of business are seen as significant signs of hope for many others.”

World Social Forum3Organizers from the Economy of Communion were encouraged by the turnout to the EoC workshops during the World Social Forum in Montreal. It was a positive way to share the 25 year history of EoC and what it is doing to transform companies and communities.

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The World Social Forum is a gathering for participants from many different socially and politically motivated groups. In the two day gathering there was an exchange of many different approaches to challenges facing the world today. Those attending from the Economy of Communion group saw that in their presentations there was not only an exposition of problems but concrete ways were offered as answers to these many problems. The workshops within such a diverse setting allowed opportunity for the EoC presenters to find ways to translate the EoC message into a secular and professional setting.

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