Mercy and dialogue: pathways to unity


“Mercy and dialogue: pathways to unity” was the title of this year’s Men’s Retreat held in Belton, Texas. It gave the almost 30 men the opportunity to reflect on some of the Pope’s texts on mercy and how it can be lived through the spirituality of unity. There was an insight into how unity with God and neighbor can be an everyday lifestyle. Later in the program the focus turned to Dialogue and how to carry it out in the family and the work environment.

Mass was at the center of each day allowing for prayer and continued reflection while various opportunities throughout the weekend provided time to meet and get to know one another.

The last evening session focused on a series of video presentations showing examples of people around the world living the spirituality in the most creative ways such as young people going to Jordan to get to know refugee families and the chance to give hope to prisoners.

The concluding topic brought everyone to the understanding that we can choose Jesus in his abandonment (Jesus Forsaken) as the Ideal of our life, bringing the presence of the Risen Lord within us and among us.

As we embraced and said goodbye to each other, we were all grateful for this retreat. “This was a much needed retreat where I was able to focus on the Graces and benefits of unity, and learn about the “soft skills” that not only help me be a better Christian, but a better employee and friend as well.”

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