Love fills us with light


El amor nos llena de luz
L’amore ci riempie di luce
사랑은 빛으로 우리를 채워줍니다.
Miłość napełnia nas światłem

Every day, I receive via email a Word of the Day although in truth, more often than not, it really is a phrase or a brief sentence.  Its message is always a creative way that we an love God and love our neighbor.  Recently, the Word of the Day was “Love fills us with Light”.  It started me thinking and reflecting on what that truly means and what it could mean in my life.

Very often when we do a good deed especially when it is done out of love, we feel light-hearten and joyful.  It this the light this phrase is talking about?  The lightness in one’s heart?  A light that brings joy?

Or what about the time that I listened intently to a friend who was troubled and did not know what to do.  I shooed away every temptation to interrupt prematurely with solutions.  Instead I made sure that I was completely there for her, actively listening.  In the end, I did not even have to offer solutions.  By the time she finished telling me about her problem she knew what to do.  The light came on in the background of love.  Is it this then?  Is this light — the inspiration that comes from giving and receiving love?

As I go about my day, smiling at each person I meet, picking up the paper that didn’t quite make it into the trash can, bringing a glass of water to a thirsty friend, writing a check to pay the Gas Company, kneeling in prayer, if I do these things out of love, at the end of the day I feel that I have walked with Jesus in each moment.  Jesus the light of the world!

I’d have to say, all of the above.  “Love fills us with light”.  Loving others fills us with a light heart.  Loving selflessly fills us with the light of the Holy Spirit.  Loving in each moment, in each action fills us with the presence of Jesus, the light of the world.

Today is Christmas.  Today is born our savior and we welcome Him into our hearts.  We can keep Him in our hearts when we love in every moment, in every thought, word or deed.  Then, indeed, every day will be Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

N.O. – Tujunga, CA