Project Lia – Repurpose Material to Repurpose Lives

Today we celebrate the beginning of a new nonprofit Economy of Communion company: PROJECT LIA - formed to provide a transition job program for formerly-incarcerated women.

Project Lia1


Tonight, at its first board meeting, the company elected officers, including John Mundell as President and Elizabeth Wallin as Executive Director. We are excited to be part of this new adventure, and look forward to developing a new economic model to reduce the rate of recidivism and provide better lives for our employees. You will hear more about LIA and how you can be part of its activities in the coming weeks.

Project Lia

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Project Lia trains formerly incarcerated women to repurpose discarded material into beautiful, one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories incorporating hand-made fabrics from women around the world.

We aim to combat the rate of recidivism and empower women through women by providing new economic opportunities and connecting diverse stories.


Through the process of rediscovering the value of discarded material and transforming it into something beautiful and practical, Project Lia’s women rediscover their own value and reframe society’s perception of their story. By incorporating hand-made fabric from women around the world, our participants develop their global awareness and experience diverse cultures and reciprocity. When buying a Lia product, our customers become part of this chain of solidarity and help strengthen our efforts in rediscovering value, on both a local and global level. It is an empowerment process and, for us, that is priceless


Employment provides multiple benefits beyond a source of income. It provides the individual a sense of identity and purpose, engages them in healthy social interactions, and is a source of stability, all of which help promote a sense of well-being and a role in the community. Being involved in the many aspects of management and organization, Project Lia women enhance their financial literacy, develop professional skills, and gain an increased sense of social responsibility, all while increasing their influence and engagement in a global community. Using a “for-profit” model, Project Lia provides a positive and constructive platform for synergy among various groups of society – a space where repurposing material, repurposes lives.