The Focolare Community meets in Indy

Each month the Indianapolis Focolare Community meets to share on living the Gospel in their daily lives.


In February, the Indy group welcomed a new couple who were involved with a local Focolare community in Rome, Italy. They are in Indiana doing agricultural research at Purdue University, but they were very happy to know that they could join with others from the Focolare in their new Indiana home.

For all there, having Giuseppe and Maria Teresa was a testament that the life of living the Gospels and building unity goes on in each culture and country across the globe. One is never alone in living the Focolare’s spirituality.

All present were able to share experiences from daily life. During the evening a meditation was shared on the theme of Jesus Forsaken. This sparked, especially, the sharing of experiences on facing suffering in daily life and seeing how precious those moments are.

The Indianapolis community also had a recent one day retreat for mothers. The mothers met to go deeper in the Focolare spirituality, focusing especially on how to live a balanced life which is based on the Gospel and on a choice to embrace suffering as Jesus did on the cross.

The retreat was so popular that now the husbands of the mothers’ group planned a one day retreat for young fathers.

A young couple from Indianapolis, Katie and Luke Johnstone has taken put an international twist on concretely putting the Gospels into practice. Katie and Luke from Indianapolis, she a nurse and he an engineer, have committed to one year of service in the slums of Manila, helping the children who otherwise live on the streets of Manila.


Katie is doing nursing and health education, and Luke is doing logistics for the 1000 kids and parents to whom the TNK Organization ministers.

Luke’s parents were present at the February Indy Focolare gathering and shared pictures and stories from the experience Luke and Katie are living. From the smiles on the newlyweds’ faces, one can tell that Katie and Luke receive as much as or more than they are giving to those they help in Manila.