Good Friday: Jesus Forsaken

Just one name. Just one Love.

“I’ve recently written a book about him called “The Cry”.I dedicated it to him with the intention of writing it also on your behalf, on behalf of the whole Movement “as – and this is the dedication – a love letter to Jesus forsaken”. In it, I speak of him who, in the one life given to us by God, one day, a particular day that was different for each of us, called us to follow him and give ourselves to him.

It’s clear then – and I say this in the book – that what I want to say in those pages cannot be considered as a talk, albeit one that is personal, familiar in tone and deeply felt. Instead it wants to be a song, a hymn of joy and especially of gratitude to him.

“He had given everything: the life he lived with Mary, in obedience and in the difficulties of daily life. He had given three years of preaching and three hours on the cross, from which he forgave his executioners, promised Paradise to the good thief, and gave his Mother to us. Only his divinity remained.

“His union with the Father, his sweet and ineffable union with God, had made him powerful on earth as the Son of God and majestic on the cross. Yet there, the awareness of God’s presence had to sink into the deepest recesses of his soul so as not to be felt any longer. It had to separate him in some way from the One with whom he had said he was one”, and make him cry out: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mt. 27:46).″

Source: Chiara Lubich during a telephone link up. Castel Gandolfo, Rome, 20th  April 2000.