“I’ve always had confidence in young people: they are the world’s future!
They are made for great ideals and are capable of pursuing them in a radical way.
What attracts them most is the Gospel that becomes life and thus fulfills the promises it contains. They are fascinated by the ideal of a united world.The youth themselves – young adults, teenagers and children, too – transmit this ideal to their peers”.

Chiara Lubich

“Young people love freedom; they strive for it; they want it. Who can give them freedom if not Jesus, who
said: “If you remain in my word … you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (Jn 8:31-32).

Young people want respect for nature. In many countries, they struggle to save people from self-destruction due to pollution. Who can respond to this desire more than the One who has created nature for human beings?

Young people love peace; they want peace. Who can guarantee peace more than the One who said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; not as the world gives do I give it you” (Jn 14:27).

Young people want human rights to be respected. Did Christ not come on earth precisely to announce the Good News to the poor, to proclaim liberty to prisoners, to give sight to the blind and the oppressed back their freedom? (see Lk 4:18).

Young people ask for social justice. Where do they find the courage to come face to face with contradictions, misery and hypocrisy, the open wounds of a consumer society, if not in Him who calls blessed “…the hungry and thirsty for justice?” (Mt 5:6).

Young people do not love divisions. Who can satisfy them more than the One who sees humanity as one and who came to knock down the barriers between different groups, ethnicities, cultures and peoples?

Young people are attracted to non-violence. Where can they find the incarnation of their ideal if not in the One who has told us to love even our enemies, thus bringing non-violence to its extreme consequences?

Young people love solidarity and the communion of goods between the rich and the poor. Jesus, who told us to give to whoever asks and not to turn our backs on whoever asks for a loan, is their model of solidarity.

Just as the first Christians had understood Jesus’ requirements, so that no one kept any property as his or her own, likewise, young people find all their needs satisfied in Jesus.

They are convinced, therefore, that to walk along the way, which is Jesus Himself, is the most reasonable, useful, opportune, and fruitful way to move towards a united world.”

Chiara Lubich (3/24/87)

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2017 Run4Unity

2017 Run4Unity

Teens for Unity Chicago invites all, young and old, to the upcoming Chicago Run4unity 2017. This year the activities are prepared in collaboration with the Youth Ministry & Religious Education program of Transfiguration Parish.


Youth Bring Life to Midwest Focolare Communities

Youth Bring Life to Midwest Focolare Communities

Since the first days of the Focolare Movement youth have been an integral part of the Focolare Movement. In speaking to a gathering of young women in 1966, Chiara Lubich called young people, the new generations in the Focolare, to a “revolution of love.”


WYD – JASNA Experiences

WYD – JASNA Experiences

Teenagers and young adults, who traveled to Poland and Slovakia for World Youth Day and the Jasna Youth School, spent time praying, praising God, and immersing themselves in a crowd of their peers. This experience was a true pilgrimage experience in the sense that many such sacrifices were made, from walking for hours, to spending a day or night completely drenched from pouring rain; from waiting for hours for a bus that never came, to taking cold showers, etc… But these experiences created solidarity and a supernatural atmosphere among the Midwest Focolare youth.