Dichiarazione Movimento dei Focolari pubblicazione libro “La setta divina”

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Dichiarazione Movimento dei Focolari pubblicazione libro “La setta divina”

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Dichiarazione MdF-pubblicazione libro F.PInotti-20211109.pdfScarica
Statement by Focolare Movement-20211109.pdfScarica
Declaracion del Movimiento de los Focolares-20211109.pdfScarica
Déclaration du Mouvement des Focolari-20211109.pdfScarica
Declaracao do MdF-20211109.pdfScarica

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  • I recognize that mistakes have been made in interpreting and practicing the spirituality of unity and our concern must be for those who have suffered as a result of these. I am, therefore, very encouraged by the tone and content of this letter. It shows an openness to criticism and correction (despite the perceived limitations of the account given in the book – which I should add that I have not yet read) . The desire for dialogue so as to improve is also clear. This openness is essential i for the truth and richness of the spirituality of unity to be more widely shared.

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