Giornata di preghiera e digiuno per l’umanità

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Giornata di preghiera e digiuno per l'umanità

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"With the day of interreligious prayer on May 14th, the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity reminds us that the current pandemic has marked a point of no return: our future will be secure only by looking to the common good, not to the good of one group or another, not to the interests of one side or another but to the good of all.” 

Thus, Maria Voce, president of the Focolare Movement, affirmed the Movement’s full participation in the day of prayer for humanity, which was proclaimed also by Pope Francis on Sunday, May 3rd, asking that: “On this coming 14th May, believers of all religions should unite spiritually for a day of prayer, fasting, and works of charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic.”

 "We are one big family - Maria Voce added - formed by Christians, by believers of various religious traditions, together with people without specifically religious beliefs. I encourage everyone to live Thursday, May 14th, in a spirit of prayer - according to their respective faiths and traditions – of fasting and concrete commitment to help those close to us, especially the weakest and marginalized. We will do this at the local level, as every community deems best, always abiding by the directives in force, and in a spirit of true and effective fraternity."

 "We are certain that the prayers lifted up to God by his sons and daughters will be heard, for the good of the great family of humankind; and that the trial we are all experiencing will truly make us stronger in the shared pilgrimage of life.”

 Stefania Tanesini

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