Brief biography

Giancarlo Faletti was Co-President of the Focolare Movement from July 2008 – September 2014.

Faletti was born on the 14th of September 1940 in the Municipality of Cerro Tanaro, Province of Asti in the Piedmont Region of Italy, into a family that was sensitive to social issues. Though never receiving a particular religious formation, from an early age he felt a growing desire to become involved in the world of Catholic youth and, later, in the field of Christian volunteers which brought him close to the suffering and the poor.

Following a period of personal searching, in 1959 he encountered the spirituality of communion and remained fascinated by Chiara Lubich’s proposal to live for the realization of the unity of the human family that Jesus had asked of the Father: “That all be one!” – which is the goal of the Focolare Movement. At the age of twenty-five he decided to completely give himself to God in community life in a focolare. 

After completing his studies in Economics, he was employed at a prestigious bank in Turin, where he held executive level positions.

In 1972, after living in various focolare communities in Turin, he was given the responsibility of the Focolare in Genoa, where he showed particular attention towards the youth. It was during these years that the fruits of holiness began to blossom precisely among the youth, as in the case of Chiara Luce Badano who was recently beatified, and Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia for whom the process of beatification is in progress.

Following his appointment as co-director of the Focolare Movement in Lazio, Giancarlo concluded his theology studies at the Pontifical Lateran University and in 1997 was ordained to the priesthood. A few months later Chiara Lubich him appointed him delegate of the Movement in Abruzzo, Sardegna and Rome, where he remained until the Assembly of 2008 in which he was elected co-president of the Movement.

He accompanied Maria Voce on her visit to Benedict XVI at the conclusion of the Assembly and, in the end of January 2009, he attended the enthronement of Patricarch Cirillo I in Moscow. During the years, he has accompanied the president Maria voce on several trips in Europe and in the world to visit Focolare communities. During these trips he has had numerous contacts with civil leaders, ecclesiastical leaders, and leaders of institutions.

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