For those who don’t know, my name is Anthony and the past Mariapolises for me have been incredible. A gathering of people living in unity is how I define what’s also called the City of Mary.

Everybody shared experiences and learned from them.  The atmosphere is full of love and happiness all the time.  You can feel the good energy that fills the air up with every smile you see.   It has been super fun and exciting to always see faces you haven’t seen in awhile and especially new ones from elsewhere.  Everyone is just so welcoming and nice that no one is really shy to converse.  You gain trustworthy friends that you could contact anytime later and tell them anything.  If you are shy there will be a time when one or more people will converse with you.  So you have been warned!

The Mariapolis experience impacts me so much that I am more aware of my actions and how I live.  It has transformed me into becoming more respectful, loving, healthier, happier and hundreds of good other things.  It feels more right and pure when you have the intention of loving everyone.  For example, holding the elevator door for a lady with her kids or sharing what you have even though its your last piece of candy or really anything that feels right, just do it.  I am proud to say that I have no enemies simply because the Focolare Movement has taught me that there is Jesus in each and everyone of us.  So I thought to my self, if I am an enemy to someone I am an enemy to Jesus and thats not cool.  That to me has proven that the Mariapolis, all of us in unity with others can simply strengthen our relationships with strangers, family members and friends, no doubt about it.  You could just feel the good vibes once you accomplish good things even making others smile.  It means a lot.

With that kind of habit, it is vital to show others what we have learned in the past.

Something particular about the Mariapolis is the beautiful location we gratefully have every summer.  The games, food, and meeting new people from a variety of different cultures living together is an amazing thing.  I love sharing and learning experiences from others.  So I hope you all share yours!


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