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The Risen Jesus wants us to have the experience of new life and peace with Him that we can then share with others.

For others
Ever since we were young, inspired by our Christian convictions, my husband and I have always tried to live for others. We come from poor families: my parents worked in mining while Ramon’s parents were farmers, and we are well aware of the hardships and needs that result from financial poverty. Our dream came true when we were asked if we would manage a fund for children in an adoption at a distance project. Thanks to the contributions we have received we have been able to follow 23 children and buy a piece of land where we have built a centre that can accommodate about twenty children from poor families, enabling their parents to go to work. There is also a small sewing workshop for mothers. Through many people’s generosity, we will be able to develop this activity for the children’s benefit and for their families.
(R. J. – Bolivia)

My fourth pregnancy
In the ninth week of my fourth pregnancy I discovered I had contracted rubella. The days that followed were the most difficult days we had ever had to face as a married couple. This was a problem that was bigger than both of us. The doctors warned us that there was only a 5% chance of having a healthy baby. Today’s mentality would say that “rejecting” the pregnancy was the right solution. My husband left me free to choose, but I wanted him to tell me he accepted this new creature. This was in fact what I had already done the very first moment I became a mother. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so intensely in my life. One day my husband said to me: “What if our son has not been affected or has only been slightly affected by the rubella?” It was the sign I had been waiting for. We embraced one another and from that moment on we felt more united. After six months, a handsome, healthy boy was born.
(J.O. – Switzerland)

Thieves in our home
One day, when we returned to the house that we had built with great effort, we discovered that everything in our house had been stolen: the thieves had even taken the sink and the toilet. We couldn’t afford to replace what was missing with new items, so we started looking around second-hand shops when we suddenly recognized some of our things in one of the shops. The shopkeepers said they had bought them from some boys in the neighbourhood whom we knew well because they were our neighbours. We went to their house with the intention of reclaiming what was ours, but also to make the boys understand their mistake. When presented with the facts, they did not deny anything and we went with them to recover our property. On the way, we talked openly about values that give meaning to our lives, while they might have expected a harder reaction. Perhaps this is how we have made our small contribution to peace.
(B.O. – Venezuela)

by Chiara Favotti


  • Thanks for sharing. A White Light in the above experiences is vividly seen!
    Together we can change the world once we embrace the white light in us.
    Long live Chiara! for You are physically present in our lives through your strong words of meditation.
    In them we acquire Graces to keep the fire of love burning. Always 1

  • Thanks for sharing. The White Light in the above experiences is vividly felt.
    Long live Chiara! for your presence is strongly felt in the Grace filled meditation you left with us.
    Together we can go ahead with Jesus in our midst.
    Always 1

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