Remaining lukewarm before the proclamation of the Word is like remaining “blind, naked and unhappy” (Rev 3:17).However, God continues to knock at our door of man, especially in the darkest moments of life; just as a father seeks his son, God does not tire of chasing us and those who listen to his “call” experience full joy.

Providential solution

When our children were young, and even during their adolescence, outings and trips together were always occasions for celebration. When we were left alone, we realized that we had changed, as if we had taken different paths and had grown apart. It was difficult to talk to one another without giving offence. We realized that we needed to find a new way of communicating and decided to go to a psychotherapist. When I shared this with a friend, she confided to me that she had experienced the same situations with her husband and that they reached the brink of divorce. The providential solution they found was to become part of a community in their parish and to get involved in works of charity. I suggested this to my husband and he agreed. Since then our lives have changed: giving our time and energy and opening our doors to others, we have found not only a way to live but a way to communicate. We also experience greater joy with our children and grandchildren.

(F.D.A. – Croatia)

The Value of Becoming One

After my architectural studies in Florence, I went home for the holidays to my small village in the Tuscan hills where my parents were renovating the old family farmhouse. After I had a look at the plans, I expressed some concerns both about the actual condition of the building and the changes necessary to preserve the original structure. My brother, however, reacted badly, accusing me in front of everyone of wanting to be a know-it-all. I wanted to show that I was right, but since from a group known in Florence that was committed to living the Gospel I had learned the value of “making yourself one with others”, as St Paul said, I put my ideas aside, to avoid arguing. When the time came to start the work, the foreman explained that the project could not be carried out as it was and recommended some changes, which coincided with those I had suggested. At this point, my mother, explained: “You see, my son, when you’re here, we’ll always think of you as a child and that’s why we don’t accept what you have learned. Try to understand your brother”.

(C.G. – Italy)

Edited by Maria Grazia Berretta


(taken from The Gospel of the Day, New City, year VIII, n.2, November-December 2022)

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