KidsAction4Peaceis the initiative to which the youngest of the Focolare Movement join, Gen4 e Gen3, inviting children to get involved in building peace. A simple but concrete way to look at those who, at this moment, are living the suffering and injustice of war. To make a contribution, we have time from 25 to 30 January 2023

Hello everyone!

We are a few children who strive to build peace at school, at home, in sport by being kind and helping those in need.

How can we help our friends who are in the midst of war? Let’s ask our leaders to help people at war to build peace!

Would you like to help us too?

  1. Make a drawing, or write a poem or letter about peace.
  2. Write the slogan (hashtag) #KidsAction4Peace on it (you can also ask an adult to take a photo and put it on social media with this hashtag).
  3. Send it between January 25 to 30 to the postal address of your head of government or You can also make more and send them to other leaders. You can find the list by country here. (January 30 is also the International School Day of Non-Violence).
  4. Ask at least five other children to do the same and pass this message on.

We heard that on February 9 and 10, many of these leaders will meet in Brussels, so we hope that our letters and drawings will reach their hearts.


Sofia (12), Agnese (10), Matteo (10), Costanza (10), Nicola (9), Mattia (8), Teresa (8), Cristina (7), Anastasia (7) from Italy; Leonor (11), Margarida (9), Leonor (9), Joao (8), Leonor (8) from Portugal; Thiméo (12), Mathilde (11), Adéline (8), Aurélien (5) from Belgium


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