The Resurrection of Rome is one of Chiara Lubich’s most famous writings and was the fruit of an experience she then related in an article in ‘La Via’ magazine in 1949. The text shows both the mystical dimension of a charismatic experience, expressed in language that is particularly rich in images, and the practical application of this experience in contact with humanity. The text marks a turning point in Chiara Lubich’s experience in 1949: her return to Rome, and therefore to normal life, which was lived as bringing light and life into daily routine and bearing fruit in a renewal not only of one’s personal existence but of society. For the author, the way of looking at Rome means, in fact, a way of looking at all the cities of the world.

The video we present is the result of long and patient work by Javier Garcia, with the original voice of Chiara Lubich taken from the reading of the text addressed to the Focolare leadership on 3rd October 1995.

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