The Word of God, incarnate, lived concretely and in our own times, gives us the possibility of making our life a source of light capable of illuminating every darkness, bringing our contribution to every activity. A new look at things that paves a path of hope for us and for those around us.

A peace that brings light
It all started when my son had the first symptoms of muscular sclerosis. As a mother I had always dedicated myself to my children and to my grandchildren, but not being able to do anything to stem such a devious evil was terrible. One day I was in church, crying. On the high altar the sculptures of the crucifixion with John, Mary Magdalene and Our Lady at the feet of Jesus caught my gaze. Imagining how Mary felt in front of her Son reduced to such a state, I saw myself as she was, powerless and crushed by pain. I did not have the strength to pray but I remained there to contemplate, to think… and an unusual peace reassured me. From that day on, whenever anguish grips my heart, I return there and it seems that Mary repeats to me: “Stay with me, welcome the mystery and participate with me in the Redemption”. I try to give the peace I derive from this closeness to the family. One morning when my son was getting up, he noticed new limits on what he could do. He phoned me to say: “Mom, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but supported by your strength I feel I can thank God for everything he has given me.” It was like a balm for me.
(T.F. – Italy)

The reins of the future
A reunion among former students, fifty years after graduation. White hair or none at all, walking sticks, illnesses, disappointments… but also the great joy of being together again. How could we not remember those of us who had passed on to the next life? Then the speeches touched on hopes and projects, young people, children… and then came the punctum dolens from which the same serious question arose: “Where did we go wrong? What future have we built?” One of the group, who had consecrated his life to the service of the poor, speaking of the various solitudes encountered, said he was convinced that in this sick world, as Pope Francis says, young people are at risk because they breathe an air of indifference and no longer realize reality. And he concluded: “It is up to us to take charge of the reins of the future.” We said goodbye with the feeling (we later said to eachother) that that meeting had uncovered a new obligation for us, a task, according to the conditions and possibilities of each one. As for me, I am committed to communicating to my grandchildren what their own parents fail to convey.
(L.A. – Spain)

by Maria Grazia Berretta

(taken from The Gospel of the Day, New City, year IX – n.1- March-April 2023)


  • Grazie per lo scambio del nostro vivere, e come dice Margaret dare il mio nostro contributo per essere parola viva nella chiesa locale; cosa che cerco di fare con i sacerdoti e laici nella UNITÀ pastorale locale di Ravenna

  • grazie a T.F. (Italia) e L.A. (Spagna), compagni di viaggio che con il loro racconto hanno illuminato e dato vigore a questa mia giornata iniziata faticosamente …

  • Grazie! Eine tolle Idee, so einen Austausch anzuregen! Das regt an, was die 2. Lesung vom kommenden Sonntag am Ende uns zuruft: Wach auf, Du Schläfer….und Christus wird Dein Licht sein.

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