The Domus Project was set up to help some Argentinean families who wanted to see their right to own their own home fulfilled. This dream came true thanks to the participatory self-building housing project, launched in the town of Lincoln (Argentina) in 2019. People of all ages joined forces and, with the help of professionals, were trained in the art of construction, generating reciprocity, citizenship and fraternal community.

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  • I think I don’t that what I communicate in previous comments. Grossomodo I wanna increase speritually not only reading and preaching but practicing good activities such using my energy to help old people and friends, disabled people . People with vision, hearing and physical disabilities . Thank you so much

  • Hey?. I ‘m Faustin UWIMANA . I have been a focolare member from 2008 even before this year . I live in USA in Michigan State . I receive your message from my little brother David Mahoro . This one lives in Rwanda as Congolese refugee since 1997 . I’m gonna be happy to receive the monthly God’s message “ Parole de vie” every month from this huge organization “ Thanks

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