Christian love is a “Love” that has a specific, tangible form, which is experienced through actions, from the smallest to the largest. It means giving our lives for those around us in the image of the One who was the first to give His life for us, loving us with an immense love.

Failed Exam

When our daughter came home in tears following an unsuccessful exam for which she had worked very hard, my husband and I made a conscious decision to turn dinner into a celebration, perhaps even more so than if the exam had gone well. Our other children embraced the idea with enthusiasm. However, the most emotional moment occurred when we parents, began to openly share some of our own life failures and how we had managed to overcome them. As others at the table joined in with their “confessions”, the meal became an occasion for profound communion and mutual growth. Our daughter found solace in this unexpected turn of events and said, “Maybe this failure wasn’t just for me, but for our whole family. I never realized that setbacks could be a part of our collective growth and understanding of life. I appreciate this perspective immensely.” When we shared this experience with relations and friends, many were inspired to replicate it with their own children, using any pretext to foster similar conversations. Ultimately, a consensus emerged that trying to understand each other’s vulnerabilities within families is essential for cultivating love and shared growth.

(W.R. – Netherlands)

Love that goes and returns

In my spare time and whenever needed, I willingly take on the role of babysitting for the two lovely girls of a Senegalese couple. The parents are always grateful and often say, “We would be lost without you!” Sometimes I proactively offer my assistance, not waiting for their request. Recently, I messaged the dad, notifying him of my availability for Sunday morning. He rang me almost immediately and said, “Lorenza, you have to tell me how you know what we need in advance! Your message came at exactly the right time.” I replied, “It is God who moves hearts, Tacko; we must thank Him for creating this bond of sisterhood and brotherhood.”

Thanks to this family like bond between us, once when I had to leave for a trip at 1 a.m., I asked Tacko for a lift to the station, which was an opportunity for him to reciprocate the love. He not only obliged but stayed with me until the rest of the group arrived, showing genuine care. A few days ago, Tacko and his wife came to our home to share some rice and chicken cooked in their typical way. “Now we know your tastes; you’re a bit African too!”

(Lorenza – Italy)

Grasp the inspiration

The opportunity to be a builder of peace through respectful dialogue with people of different cultures or faiths came up during a meeting at my workplace. The air was thick with tension and voices rang out accusingly. How could I facilitate reconciliation when talking seemed impossible and maybe even counterproductive? In the face of this challenge, I tried to listen carefully to those expressing themselves, maintaining a calm and understanding demeanour even when they were using loud and confrontational tones. It wasn’t easy and it was very exhausting. During the break, the colleague who had been the most vociferous approached me and offered a sincere apology for his behaviour. Without uttering a word, I embraced him, allowing him to continue sharing: “Yesterday, my wife received news of an incurable disease. I feel hopeless.” I urged him to consult with a doctor friend and he thanked me for the idea. I assured him of my ongoing support. When we returned to the meeting room, the atmosphere had changed. I realized that in every present moment it is important to grasp the inspiration that God gives us about how to act.

(E.J. – USA)

compiled by Maria Grazia Berretta
(taken from Il Vangelo del Giorno, Città Nuova, year X– no.1 January-February 2024)





  • Dopo circa un anno insieme a Vincenzo siamo riusciti a trovare casa e lavoro a Benvenuto, un ragazzo camerunense che ci era stato segnalato che sarebbe giunto a Ravenna. Ebbene vedere la sua gioia, felicità per questo sua nuova vita, ci ha dato coraggio per prenderci a cuore altri casi di persone bisognose di aiuto.

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