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The Gospel lived: welcoming one another as we are

At times, material wealth fills our ‘heart’ and creates an anxiety to always have more, a real and true dependence. Instead sharing spiritual and material goods with those who are in need allows one to experience true freedom: this style of Christian living gives witness to trust in God the Father and puts down a solid foundation for the civilisation of love. ... Read More
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The gospel lived: where your treasure is, there will be your heart

‘Heart’ refers to that which is our inner most being, what is hidden, what is most alive; ‘treasure’ refers to what has most value, what gives us a sense of security today and for the future. The heart is where all our values lie, where our choices are rooted, the secret place where we work out the meaning of our life: what is our priority? ... Read More
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The Gospel lived: a culture based on giving and sharing

Chiara wrote in 2006 «Throughout the Gospel Jesus invites to give. To give to the poor, to whoever asks, to whoever needs a loan. To give food to the hungry, a coat to the one who asks for a cloak, to give freely....He himself was the first to give: health to the sick, forgiveness to sinners, life to all of us. He encourages generosity to combat the selfish instinct to hoard, to focus on the other so as to overcome the focus on our own needs; to give so as to combat the culture of having”. ... Read More