The Project: The Economy of Communion (EoC) began in 1991, following a visit by Chiara Lubich to Brazil, as an active response to the very real social problems and imbalanced economy of that country, and capitalism in general.

The proposal made to businesses was primarily to share profits, and to have a different organisational dynamic based on sharing and fraternity. Today hundreds of businesses across the world are inspired by EdC, basing their management style on fraternity, sharing the riches produced.

Industrial Estates: The Economy of Communion typically has ‘industrial estates’ which are part of the Focolare little towns. In recent years a number of these estates have been established (3 in Brazil, and others in Argentina, Italy, Croatia, Belgium and Portugal). They show economy where both working and producing are authentic expressions of the evangelical laws of mutual love.

Objective:The whole project has an objective of showing a part of humanity that is ‘not in need’, making reciprocity active on all levels: creating jobs that include those who are excluded by economic and social systems, spreading a ‘culture of giving’ and giving life to a variety of educational and cultural initiatives, helping emergency situations through practical aid and with projects taken ahead in collaboration with the Action for a United World, all of which is an application and development of the very first intuitions Chiara had of sharing profits into 3 parts.

Cultural reflection:Since the beginning there have been a range of studies inspired by and based on all the work being done within EdC. These studies include: theses, articles, academic conventions. The study and dialogue between the theory and the practise is another aspect typical of the EoC.

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