Mariapolis Newsletter 2/ 2020

Dear readers,
What will the world and humanity be like after the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus? Right now, many are asking this question. The answer, that Prof. Vincenzo Buonomo, Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University gave during the Link-up CH on March 28 (see. p. 11/12), is quite convincing: “I believe that the world will always be the same; but it is important that during this period we change”.

What are we to do? In an article published by “L’Osservatore Romano” of April 3, 2020, Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, wrote: “The challenge presented to us by this planetary emergency is: not to escape and neither to try and survive only to reach safely our goal. We need to radicate ourselves well in the present, while we face and accept our personal painful situations and those of others. Through these situations we can encounter ‘Jesus Forsaken’, and through our love for Him, we can find the strength and creativity to build fraternal relationships of love even in such difficult circumstances”.

Hence the threefold invitation: radicate ourselves in the present moment; love Jesus Foresaken in all suffering and build fraternal relationships with creativity! May such a remarkable plan become our best wishes for this Easter Season.

Joachim Schwind
Focolare Communication Office

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Mariapolis Newsletter 2/ 2020

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